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A snippet of life as I see it. Fashion, rants, raves, love, hate, my life.

Hi guys and dolls! My name is B. Ayesha, and I am a lover of all things fashionably fabulous! I probably spend more of my time perusing fashion sites than I should. I blog and analyze fashion but, like you, I am a consumer. I know, firsthand, how frustrating it can be to try to follow fashion trends and stay within budget. I am not wealthy. I'm an everyday woman, just like most of you. I'm a mother and a professional.

Chaussure Boite by B. Ayesha is an online boutique that satisfies every chic fashionistas shopping addiction with great deals that won't break the bank! You will find the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories with some of the most affordable prices around! Shop with all of the fun and none of the guilt today!!

You never know what you're going to get on my blog. Don't generalize me. I don't like to be defined by other people. Your box is not big enough for all that I am.

~B. Ayesha

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My I’m ready to go home face!

My I’m ready to go home face!


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